Our Process - Sustainability at every step.

We at Forest Raga believe that absolute health and happiness cannot be achieved in isolation. People around us and the nature too needs to be healthy. Which is why, we support sustainable forest-based farming methods that help us protect mother nature and also support livelihood of the farmers who work with us.

Straight from the forests to bottle: How we maintain 100% Purity of our herbs.


  •   Practice multi- cropping method of farming

Unlike conventional methods of farming, multi-cropping allows us to grow our herbs along with different plants and trees in the same mineral-rich soil of the forest thereby letting a healthy exchange of nutrients. As a result, our herbs are highly potent and have all their nutrition intact.


  •   Work with environment conscious farmers

We engage only local farmers who have a deep understanding about the forest ecology and sustainable methods of farming to ensure that our herbs meet highest quality standards.


  •   Our herbs are untouched by pesticides and fertilizers

Our plants are nurtured in the rich forest soils with minimal intervention. There is no use of any fertilizers or pesticides which lets them retain their purity and quality.

  •   No deep tilling, no erosion, no irrigation.

Forests offer an ideal climate and rich fertile soil for the herbs  to grow to their optimum potential. We use no deep tilling practices to ensure that there is no harm or depletion in the quality of soil. Moreover, forests are abundant with trees and plants which prevents any erosion and nutrition depletion resulting in potent high-quality herbs.  We also use no irrigation practices as forests provide good source of water for the plants to replenish and grow.



  •   Traditional and natural method of drying

To ensure the efficacy of our herbs, we dry them naturally in sun and shade which keeps their properties and nutrients intact.


  •   Low temperature grinding to preserve nutrients

We follow a low temperature grinding process that reduces the rate of temperature inside the grinding machine which helps in retaining the essential oils inside the herbs , hence retaining its balance, nutrition, aroma and flavour.

  •   100% natural herbs- No preservatives or additives

Our herbs are transformed into capsules in their purest form. We don’t use any preservatives or additives before dispatching them in bottles. It’s like a slice of forest straight into the bottle for you to enjoy!


Recyclable packaging. Minimal plastic usage.

We maintain the process of sustainability in our products down to the last detail. Our Organic Herb Supplements are packed into reusable amber glass bottles that minimise the effect of direct sunlight and any potential harm to the products. They are further dispatched into recyclable cardboard boxes making our products 100% safe and eco-friendly.